Gay sex 'sickest of sins'


CHILDREN have been asked whether homosexuality is “the sickest sin” in a school assignment.

I WISH I got a question like this in High School.

I would’ve been like, “Nope, it’s paedophilia. Specifically paedophilia by a trusted member of the community, who the child has been indoctrinated to trust/revere/fear above everyone else because he represents someone the child has no actual reason to believe in. Actually, no, that’s bullshit. 

The sickest sin is being the organization that protects that man. The organization that is globally-revered for no other reason than it has been in the past, and that it convinced children to believe in something they otherwise had no reason or need to. The organization that protects that man from justice is worse than him. Because it’s betraying the world on the same fundamental basis as the priest betrayed the child. Taking advantage of it in a disgusting, outrageous way. And it gains that trust by destroying individuals, making them outcasts from society.

If Eve was the Sin of humanity when she accepted the apple, then this organization would be the serpent.”

Then I’d get like an A for sass or something. 

freaking hell how is a school even allowed to set that as a topic. O_O

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my university has a room of corn… WIN

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